Wednesday, November 23, 2011

impian kanak kanak

its been truly long i didnt have new post for bout a week i guess. having little problem sometime makes the world spins even faster. duhh. teringin nak jadi kanak kanak balik. main main ngn kawan kawan. tak pernah takut untuk mencuba. makin dilarang, makin teringin nak tahu kenapa larang. haha. kids are really cute [then i used to be cute too :P ]. when i was a small girl, i wondered what im gonna be when im have grown up. is there something interesting that i will do? i always wish that im gonna have a great grown up life.

everything happens very fast . i almost forgot everything that i have thought before. my wish . kadang2 aku benci untuk bersosial [i mean sosializing; mingling not 'so sial' ] i like blaming people when something bad happen to me. i feel like the whole world had left me all alone . kenapa? sbb aku tak ada selfconfidence.

life is like a candle light. it will enlighten the dark and vanish slowly and quietly until someone realize that it has gone.

aku dalam mood nak jadi budak budak balik :(

specially for you. rewind your-kid-life and smile :)

credit to all my old, current and will-be friends :)

jom tengok kpop korea 2pm !!!!
nak tau tak sape jadi twistiesSuperstarz?

nak join churpchurp?

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