Saturday, December 18, 2010

aku xtau nak start macam mane. it just . .
happened .

the swells. not so well. it might going down without reason .


probably. it seem s gonna fall on my hand and just land to give me such a good pride . no way.

its not good enough to tell the people that im HOPELESS.
titration of the feeling good into a flask of heart determine my expectation as a brief person .
well, to be an adult is so pain.
to let it go is so really pain.
behind the task of being a termfully adult doesnt mean a man can forget his past lifetime without thinking its the best time he ever had.

xnampak macam coccyx akan bersatu dengan sacrum.

yoshhh !
to hold a second need an hour to think. yeah.

jangan tidur, bukak mata. just watch. ini bukan yang aku minat !

is that awe-some or owe-some ?

that should be me - luke james.

this is SO SAD ! HAHA

Monday, December 13, 2010

be my sword and i'll be ur shield

kisahnya macam ni.

alkisah bermula masa satu orang tu pegi jalan jalan habiskan masa+duit+tenaga kt satu tempat.

satu orang tu tertonton satu peristiwa yang boleh dianggap sebagai "you are my sword and i am your shield"
tapi malangnya si sword bukan lah sword yang tajam. tambah tambah lagi si shield lagi la jenis yg fragile. mereka sentiasa bersama sama. satu sama lain akan protect satu sama lain sedangkan mereka tak pernah jumpa apa apa bahaya yang mengancam mereka.

satu hari, satu orang itu cuba . cuba untuk membuktikan pada si sword yang shield bukan lah bagus sangat dan pada masa yang masa buktikan pada si shield yang si sword pun bukan lah hebat sangat. satu orang itu bertanya pada sword, apa akan dia lakukan untuk terus memastikan shield selamat? jawab sword, " aku akan cantas sape2 yang cuba ancam atau kacau shield.' dengan penuh yakin dia menjawab.

lantas satu orang itu bertanya pulak pada shield soalan yg sama . "aku kan shield, semestinya aku akan protect dia . aku lindungi dia . "
satu orang itu diam seketika.

dia terus tanya dua dua sekali " okay. i got ur point tapi xkan la sword, mung nak asyk mencantas je lagi satu, da terbukti ke mung tu cukup tajam untuk cantas sape2 yang kacau? dan mung, shield, sampai bile nak protect dia? sure mung da cukup kuat untuk tahan serangan bertubi2? "
mereka diam.

okay, let me tell you something dude. is not about who will be the shield or the sword. but the main thing here is would you be both? to save and protect? jangan harapkan seseorang datang pada kita and say, i'll be your sword. no, nanti lama2 dia akan tumpul dan berkemungkinan akan berkarat. its about ourself. how are we going to protect and save ourselves.

dont just sit and wait.
its your time. be a sword and a same time be a shield. if you can proof yourself that you can be both, aku jamin you'll be a great sword and shield not for yourself only but for everybody.

clap your hand and hear the rhythm ;)

p/s : deary you, i miss you and please take care .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

mean to be mean.

i wonder. what happen if i let her go?
dont know.

it doesnt even started or finished. behind the rupture , see the cluster .

well, it seems to be a honourable misplaced n misunderstood infrontof all of those creepy faces.

yeah, sea of faces look alike had sink a ship of soul. NO, not a ship but SHIPS !

oh my. being such a grim , dull doesnt mean that it can be recognize as a bad place called a heart.

the atmosphere influences a saphien to be what he/she wanted to be .

a change cannot be as simple as you peel apple skin. isnt it?

dont just hide behind those curtain. get out and breathe deeply .

reach the highest point of oxygen in lungs.

behind the scene,
a man tries to be a man but he cant. why? he deserve to be a man but he still cant get the meaning of being a man.

enjoy your day and hold your back and stay cool :)

cheers babe.