Saturday, December 18, 2010

aku xtau nak start macam mane. it just . .
happened .

the swells. not so well. it might going down without reason .


probably. it seem s gonna fall on my hand and just land to give me such a good pride . no way.

its not good enough to tell the people that im HOPELESS.
titration of the feeling good into a flask of heart determine my expectation as a brief person .
well, to be an adult is so pain.
to let it go is so really pain.
behind the task of being a termfully adult doesnt mean a man can forget his past lifetime without thinking its the best time he ever had.

xnampak macam coccyx akan bersatu dengan sacrum.

yoshhh !
to hold a second need an hour to think. yeah.

jangan tidur, bukak mata. just watch. ini bukan yang aku minat !

is that awe-some or owe-some ?

that should be me - luke james.

this is SO SAD ! HAHA

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