Saturday, December 11, 2010

mean to be mean.

i wonder. what happen if i let her go?
dont know.

it doesnt even started or finished. behind the rupture , see the cluster .

well, it seems to be a honourable misplaced n misunderstood infrontof all of those creepy faces.

yeah, sea of faces look alike had sink a ship of soul. NO, not a ship but SHIPS !

oh my. being such a grim , dull doesnt mean that it can be recognize as a bad place called a heart.

the atmosphere influences a saphien to be what he/she wanted to be .

a change cannot be as simple as you peel apple skin. isnt it?

dont just hide behind those curtain. get out and breathe deeply .

reach the highest point of oxygen in lungs.

behind the scene,
a man tries to be a man but he cant. why? he deserve to be a man but he still cant get the meaning of being a man.

enjoy your day and hold your back and stay cool :)

cheers babe.

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